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Side Liners & Linings

We manufacture side liners and linings for industrial applications in the mining material handling sector. Polyurethane sheets can be cast with various features like mounting options, hardness, thickness, backing and wear indication to name a few. Contact us for more information.

Polmax polyurethane lining and liner sheets are manufactured to customer specification, here are some options to choose from when ordering your quality guaranteed liners from Polmax Manufacturers.

What size options can I choose from?
We produce lining and liners in 2.4m x 1.2m sheets which then get cut to customer-specified dimensions.

What thickness of polyurethane sheets can you cast?
Casting thickness depends on the intended use, required lifespan and mounting options. We can cast polyurethane liners from 10mm to 100mm.

How hard are the polyurethane liner sheets?
We measure hardness in Shores and can produce linings in the following Shore hardness ranges:

  • 55A-95A
  • 55D-80D

What mounting options do you provide?

The three most popular methods to mount liners and linings are:

  • Pre-Mount – Nut & Bolt
  • Pre-Mount – Nut & Stud
  • Site-Mount – No Mounting Fixtures

Where can I use Polmax Polyurethane Linings and Liners?
Our linings and liners are mainly used in the mining sector to safeguard material handling equipment surfaces from impact and abrasion. Polmax linings and liners can also be used for other applications within the food manufacturing and agriculture produce handling sectors. You can use Polmax polyurethane linings and liners for the following applications:


  • Hopper & Chute Lining
  • Conveyor Guides & Scrapers
  • Production Line Product Sorting
  • Production Line Safety Barriers


  • Dump Truck Bucket Wear Lining
  • Mill & Crusher Surface Protection

What are the benefits of converting rubber wear liners to polyurethane wear liners?

Longer lifespan:

Polyurethane wear liners are known for their superior durability, with a lifespan of up to four times longer than that of traditional rubber liners. This means they need to be replaced less frequently, saving on maintenance costs.

Increased efficiency:

Polyurethane wear liners offer a low coefficient of friction, which means they help reduce material sticking and buildup, leading to improved efficiency in material handling.

Better abrasion resistance:

Polyurethane has greater resistance to abrasion and impact than rubber, making it ideal for use in high-wear applications such as mining, construction, and agriculture.

Lower noise and vibration levels:

The noise and vibration generated by machinery can lead to operator fatigue, which can impact safety and productivity. Polyurethane wear liners dampen these effects, leading to a safer and more comfortable work environment.

Improved product quality:

Polyurethane wear liners provide a consistent surface, minimizing variation and defects in the product being transported. This is especially important in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries where product purity and quality are critical.

Our Polyurethane linings and liners are manufactured using high-grade polyurethane resins, enhanced with unique formulation additives to increase their performance. They are an ideal solution for application in the mining sector as they offer excellent abrasion resistance, long life, high impact & tear strength and high resistance to friction..

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