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Modular Screening Solutions

We manufacture and supply a large variety of modular screening products and accessories for industrial applications in the mining material handling sector. Contact us for more information.

Polmax polyurethane modular screening solutions not only save you money but also help you increase your profits per ton. 

Have you been struggling to find a cost-effective solution for your mineral screening and processing applications?

Look no further! At Polmax Manufacturers, we specialise in providing our customers with the highest quality modular polyurethane mining screen panels that are specifically designed to meet all of their needs. Our panels are perfect for sorting, classifying, dewatering, scalping, and desliming across all mineral processing applications such as coal, iron ore, copper, platinum, diamonds, manganese and zinc to name a few.

Our panels provide better performance than traditional steel or wire mesh screens due to their resistant properties to abrasion or corrosion. In addition to that they are also more cost-effective than other solutions and can be easily installed with minimal downtime.

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Check out our Online Store if you need replacement modular screen panels. Contact Us if you need assistance or want to order parts not yet listed in our online shop. Alternatively, you can submit a Call Me Back Request and a specialist will contact you.

Why use Polmax screen panels?

  • Our panel offerings include solid feed-end panels, slope change panels, slotted aperture panels for high-velocity zones, and square aperture panels for low-velocity zones
  • The deck map allows us to specify, for instance, a set of panels comprising of highly impact–resistant material at the feed end of the screen.
  • Designed for improved wear life in tough operating conditions
  • Available in standard (305 x 305 mm and 305 x 610 mm) and customised sizes to match your application
  • Range of aperture sizes and panel thicknesses
  • Quick and simple installation and removal
  • Available with a wide range of screen fastening systems and accessories 

Top features of Polmax screen panels:

  • Our range of screen openings offers the ability to customise your screen deck(s) to accommodate particular production specifications or operational needs.
  • The goal of implementing a blended solution is to find the optimal combination of open area and durability.
  • Superior wear resistance
  • Maximize product quality and profits by increasing the efficiency of classification while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • The easy changeover to maximise wear life and provide a more economical solution
  • So that meantime between failures (MBTF) can be extended and scheduled maintenance can be conducted as infrequently as possible


  • Specifically designed for all mining and hard rock industries
  • Custom-designed apertures are round, square and slotted in a variety of sizes
  • High screening efficiency – up to 30 % more throughput
  • Long service life – up to 5 times more wear life
  • High profitability high product quality, shorter downtimes, less maintenance cost


  • Suitable for tough abrasive applications
  • High-impact slotted skid bar panels known as ratel panels, are used to reduce channelling and ensure accurate cut size and provide maximum wear life


  • Easy to fit requiring less labour
  • Reduces downtime and cost/ton of materials handling

Our polyurethane modular screens and accessories are manufactured using high-grade polyurethane, enhanced with unique formulation additives to increase their performance. They are an ideal solution for applications in the mining sector as they offer excellent abrasion resistance, long life, high impact & tear strength and high resistance to friction.

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Modular Screening Products

PU Modular Screening Products & Accessories

Modular Screens

Modular Screens

We are committed to lowering our clients’ overall cost per ton processed through research and development, this has resulted in screen panels that are modular, cost-effective and designed to lower maintenance and downtime while ensuring even feed distribution and high drainage capacities.

Modular Aperture Screens

Modular Aperture Screens

All modular panels are designed with self-relieving apertures resulting in unimpeded downward movement of sized particles. We supply modular aperture panels with slots ranging from 0.16 to 20mm and square apertures ranging from 0.5 to 25mm².

Dewatering Panels

TeePee™ Dewatering Screen Panels

Dewatering panels are injection moulded, ensuring repeatable class-leading performance. Computer-controlled injection machines maintain optimum conditions throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in consistent aperture sizing in a robust and hard-wearing polyurethane screen panel.

Polypunch Screen Panels

Polypunch Screen Panel

Polypunch panels are safe and easy to handle. with localised wear, only the worn section needs to be replaced, reducing running costs. The Polypunch panel can easily be used in combination with other panels. For example, the Polypunch panel would be installed where the initial sliding abrasion and impact occur, with modular polyurethane panels being used for the balance of the screening surface.

Polywedge Screen Panels

Polywedge Screen Panels

This combination screen panel offers the excellent wear characteristics of polyurethane coupled with the high open areas of wedge wire. The innovative screen panel consists of a standard modular 305 x 305 x 30 mm thick polyurethane frame with a stainless steel wedge wire insert offering high abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Trommel Screens

Trommel Screens

Trommel screens provide a lower capital cost alternative to vibrating screens and generate significantly less noise. Decades of global experience and innovation have allowed an optimum trommel screen design that reduces pegging and blinding and enhances your screening performance.

Flood & Spray Nozzles

Flood and Spray Nozzles

The Flood Nozzle design reduces downtime and ensures constant, efficient operation. These Flood Nozzles are manufactured from abrasion resistant polyurethane, ensuring long life. They replace two or three conventional spray nozzles with one, by utilising a 120 degree spray angle.

H Pins & Sleeves

H-Pins and Sleeves

H-Pins and sleeves are suitable for use on Angled Runners, T-Bar and Saddle Top Runners. Available in a range of special use, standard and heavy-duty pinning and sleeve configuration options. Quick installation and easy to remove with a pin removal tool or a standard flat-tip screwdriver.

Round Pins & Sleeves

Round Pins and Sleeves

Round pins and sleeves are suitable for use on Angled Runners, Pipe Top, T-Bar and Saddle Top Runners. Round pins are available in a range of special use, standard and heavy-duty pinning and sleeve configuration options. Quick to install and easy to remove.

Pinless Fastening Systems

Pinless Fastening Systems

The Pinless Panel Fastening System simplifies panel maintenance operations. Only the panel and compatible Saddle Top are required to fasten the screen panel to the deck. Fewer steps ensure more efficient maintenance and improved operator safety.